Monday, December 7, 2009


This is me being interviewed for the awesomest people in the world documentary.

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Friday, November 6, 2009

The Absolute Best wedding video I have seen....

Besides my own wedding, of course. :) Seriously, I have seen a few wedding videos in my day and usually they are boring and you want to tell people...."um I was at your wedding I do not need to relive this crap over again...." Or even more annoying," You didn't invite me to your wedding and now I have to watch this sub par wedding video....thanks alot." That is untill I saw a wedding video that was done this past summer.

I was unable to attend because even though it was in the Philadelphia area and I live in Lansdale. I have two children who have no real reliable babysitter so We excused ourselves from the wedding guest list, but still got them a toaster.

This wedding was of a couple that I would say was "artsy". I wondered what type of wedding they actually had so I was interested as they put their wedding video dvd into their blu ray player. I wonder if "wedding video" will always be the term I use? I guess my kids will say wedding dvd.

As this wedding dvd started with a "how we met" intro I was shocked. The quality of this video was not just good, but almost too good. Camera angles looked more like an actual production than a wedding video. I was really into it because this didn't look like a wedding video. The way it was shot it reminded me of the opening of the old tv show "the wonder years" with the nostagic film feel. It gave their wedding footage a really nice warm feeling. I have never seen such a great wedding video. They even had the footage on their iphones. That was really neat to see a wedding video on the ipod. I found out that the company they hired to do this was tanner lane wedding videos. Their site is Tanner Lane Weddings they are based in the Philly area but I'm sure they travel.

When Amy and I left we were talking about how our wedding video was soo antique compared to what we saw. For the price I was shocked at what they got and really jealous actually. The funny (not?) thing was that this was his 2nd wedding and his first was a month before our own wedding. I asked Amy if she wanted to get married again... she said having a wedding video on the ipod seemed like a good idea. Maybe we'll get them to film some party or something. Seriously, it's the coolest stuff I have seen.

Does anyone professionally film Kids parties? Is that really lame?

Thursday, June 11, 2009

bike trailer

is mine so i do enjoy the life very much now/

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Penelope Fjord Rox is just fine Thank You

Our doctor was concerned over our 9 month old not crawling and set up an appointment for an early intervention team. We were cone concerned because our son was moving when he was born and Pepe was not sitting up or really crawling at all. She's very content and a little lazy. We really didn't have a whole lot of concern, but it's scary to hear your baby might not be doing well. The team came over and told us Pepe was awesome. She's just a little lazy.
If your baby is not crawling by 9 months do not be concerned. Penenlope had some issues with her feet. She didn't like putting her feet down on the ground at all. We started roughing up her feet a little bit, rubbing them on the carpet and giving little massages to her feet. She's getting better with putting her feet down now. She's starting to crawl on her hands and knees and she's still ridiculously cute.

2 daddy points

If your infant has a fever..... remember to count hours and not calender days. It might have been 2 days... but only 24 hours. Over 103 degree temperature in an infant is cause for concern. Babies can get fevers from the sun. If exposed for awhile they can heat up. They aren't used to it and the sun's heat gets trapped in them. It's flippin true. I have had two kids and the first time they were out in the sun they both got sick. Remember the sunscreen and that your baby is brand new.

Hey ho lets go

Daddy dom is still going well. Two kids is pretty darn crazy. It's rough sometimes and the ehadaches are double. I am officially an old man. I have been getting some work done to the house. Water problems are insane. The whole back of my house is being dug out. I am an idiot. I have even taken over my neighbor's yard. oof.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

That was long

That's what she said!!!!

I am unemployed at the moment. What's an unemployed dad to do? I don't know. I'm watching alot of office and allowing my brain to sneak some thoughts of pure delusion. The kids are fine thank you. I wish i had some motivation. Maybe i should become a motivational speaker.